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Declarative configuration for Kong and Kong Enterprise

decK CLI


This document describes the various commands that are available in decK. The command-line --help flag on the main command or a sub-command (like diff, sync, reset, etc.) shows the help text along-with supported flags for those commands, and is the canonical documentation. Below is a short summary of these commands:


This command can be used to verify connectivity between Kong and decK. Under the hood, it sends a GET / request to Kong to verify if Kong’s Admin API is reachable and decK can authenticate itself against it. If decK is being used in automated environment (like in a CI), it is recommended that you use this command before a diff/sync to ensure connectivity.


This command can be used to export all of Kong’s configuration into a single YAML file. All entities are exported by default.

--select-tag can be used to export entities with the specific tag only. This flag can be used in the following cases:

If you are a Kong Enterprise user, you can specify a specific workspace that you want to export using --workspace flag or use --all-workspaces flag to export routing configuration of all workspaces.


This command compares the content of the input file against the current configuration of Kong. You can use this command for drift detection i.e. if the configuration of Kong is out of sync with configuration of the input file.


This command will create, update or delete entities in Kong to exactly match as described via the input file. You can use diff command to display the actions that decK will take and then use sync command to actually perform these actions.


This command can be used to validate an existing state file or a set of files. It can catch most errors including validation of the YAML/JSON file itself and catching duplicates or malformed entities.


This command will delete all the entities in Kong. Please use this command with extreme caution as the actions are irreversible.


This command shows the version information of the decK binary that is currently in use.


This command shows the help text of decK. Use --help flag on any of the above command to get help in your terminal itself.

Other settings


decK collects anonymized data to track feature adoption. You can opt out of this by setting the environment variable DECK_ANALYTICS to off.