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Declarative configuration for Kong and Kong Enterprise

Backup and restore of Kong’s configuration

You can use decK to backup and restore the entire or only a subset of Kong’s configuration.

To back up Kong’s configuration, use the dump command:

$ deck dump
# this generates a kong.yaml file with the entire configuration of Kong

And then restore this file back to Kong using sync command:

$ deck diff # a dry-run where decK shows the changes it will perform
$ deck sync # actually re-creates the entities in Kong

Manage a sub-set of configuration

You can export/import/manage a sub-set of Kong’s configuration using select-tag feature of decK. This is similar to adopting distributed configuration for Kong.

The select-tag feature assumes that all the entities you would like to manage in Kong share a common tag(s).

Assuming you’ve such a common tag, let’s call it foo-tag, then you can do the following to export only a subset of the configuration:

deck dump --select-tag foo-tag

If you observe the file generated by decK, you will see the following section:

  - foo-tag

This sub-section tells decK to filter out entities containing select-tags during a sync operation.

Now, you can manage or sync back only this sub-set of configuration of Kong.