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Declarative configuration for Kong and Kong Enterprise

CI-driven configuration

or Configuration as code

decK can be, rather should be, used in a CI pipeline to push out configuration Kong.

It is advisable to store configuration of Kong in a Git (or any other Version Control System (VCS)) and then perform Git-ops on Kong’s configuration:

You should also have a cronjob in your CI or any other system, which verifies if the source of truth, meaning Kong’s database is in the exact same state as you want it to be (the state file in VCS repository). Unless you do this step, you do not have a truly declarative configuration as your are configure Kong but are never verifying. The system could be out of sync and can go undetected until another change is performed.

Anytime you use decK within such an automated environment, including a deck ping command in the beginning of your script can ease debugging in future as it usually rules out connectivity issues between decK and Kong.