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Declarative configuration for Kong and Kong Enterprise

decK and Kong Enterprise

All features of decK work with open-source and enterprise versions of Kong.

For Kong Enterprise, decK provides a few additional features leveraging the power of enterprise features.


decK is compatible with Kong Enterprise 0.35 and above.

Entities managed by decK

decK manages only the core proxy entities in Kong Enterprise. It doesn’t manage enterprise only entities such as admins, RBAC permissions, RBAC roles or any entities related to Developer Portal.


You should have authentication and RBAC configured for Kong’s Admin API. You can supply the RBAC token to decK so that decK can authenticate itself against the Admin API:

It is advised that you do not use an RBAC token with super-admin privileges with decK, and always scope down the exact permissions you need to give decK.


decK is workspace aware, meaning it can interact with multiple workspaces.


To export configuration of a specific workspace, use the --workspace flag:

deck dump --workspace my-workspace

If you do not specify a flag, the configuration of default workspace will be managed.

You can export configuration of all workspaces in Kong Enterprise with the --all-workspaces flag:

deck dump --all-workspaces

This creates one configuration file per workspace.


If a workspace is not present, decK will error out. You should ensure that a workspace already exists before using decK.

diff and sync command work with workspaces and the workspace to sync to is determined via the _workspace property inside the state file.

It is recommended to manage of one workspace at a time and not club configuration of all the workspaces at the same time.


Same as dump command, you can use -workspace to reset configuration of a specific workspace, or use --all-workspaces to reset configuration of all workspaces in Kong. Please note that decK doesn’t delete the workspace itself but deletes the entire configuration inside the workspace.