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Declarative configuration for Kong and Kong Enterprise

Using multiple files to store configuration

decK can construct a state by combining multiple JSON or YAML files inside a directory instead of a single file.

In most use case, a single-file will suffice but you might want to use multiple files if:

You can specify an entire directory for decK to consumer using the --state flag.

You also can specify multiple files, comma-separated (--state file.yml,file2.yml,directory) or using the flag many times (-s file.yml -s file2.yml -s directory)

Under the hood, decK combines the YAML/JSON files in a very dumb fashion, meaning it just concatenates the various arrays in the file together, before starting to process the state.

There is no automated way of generating multiple files using decK. You will have to export the entire configuration using the deck dump command and then split the configuration into different files as you see fit for your use-case.

Please note that having the state split across different files is not same as distributed configuration.